How it Works and What We Fund

The mission of Bloom Again Foundation is to provide economically vulnerable working women with financial assistance during times of financial need caused by medical emergencies, illness, or other health-related challenges.  Bloom Again does not fund medical procedures or medical care, but rather provides funding for living assistance during periods of personal incapacitation.  Examples of gifts eligible for funding include money for:

  • Rent
  • Transitional living
  • Utilities
Criteria For Funding

Recipients of gifts from Bloom Again Foundation are typically referred by community agencies familiar with women and their circumstances.  Monies are distributed based on need, with need being defined as financially vulnerable working women with a household income of $39,440 or less per year.  All or some of the following information may be asked of those applying for financial assistance from Bloom Again Foundation:

  • Statement of need
  • Financial statements
  • Tax Returns
  • Proof of need
  • Statement of how the monies will be used
Decision Making Philosophy

All decisions will be made transparently taking into consideration:

  1. Recommendation of referral agency.
  2. Research related to the needs of the population or individual applicant and other available resources.
  3. Data related to the applicant’s situation.
  4. Experience of those on the Funding Committee.
  5. Statement of need.

We provide grants only to women who are (1) referred by a strategic partner, (2) live in households earning less than $39,440 annually, (3) have minimal savings or other financial assets, and (4) were working at the time of a medical emergency or diagnosis and intend to return to work.